Linux and High speed accessability

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Tue Nov 13 13:33:05 EST 2001

You are going to get this attitude almost anywhere you go.  What
people get confused is whether a service works with Linux or
whether the isp supports Linux which are two completely different 
issues.  In the case of cable/dsl access you can bet Linux will
work.  If you have problems connecting however the ones who say
they will not support Linux mean just that.  They cannot help you 
troubleshoot your connection if you use Linux.  When I got Sprint 
ION installed the folks had to think I was using windows because
Linux was not supported.  So when the tech came to install the
service I had to setup my windows machine with the ION ips and
dns information and surf to their speedtest site and mark off
that the service was working.  Once that was done I setup my
Linux box on ION and put windows back inside the internal network 
where it belongs.

So in short.  Get your highspeed isp and don't mention Linux to
them.  Some isps such as speakeasy openly support Linux so you
just have to search around.

Michael said the following on Tue, Nov 13,
2001 at 02:47:15PM -0330:
> Hello list:
> Now that high speed internet access is available in my area,  does the
> provider have to support Linux and is there away around that.
> I spoke to two providers and they're are not going to support Linux in the
> fore seeable future.
> Granted, the two people I spoke to were not and I say again, were not OS
> savvyy. LOL <grin>
> Best regards:
> Michael
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