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Buddy Brannan davros at
Mon Nov 12 22:29:11 EST 2001

Hi guys,

OK, I actually have a keyboard layout that I like better than the last
one I submitted. I shifted everything down one row for the most part,
moved the stuff on the bottom up to the number keys on the top,
changed a couple of other keypad assignments...but it's more
consistent with the keypad definitions on the numeric keypad. I think
I might build a kernel with that keypad so I can use right alt-q to
silence the Speakup boot messages on my laptop. But I'm running into a
little behavior, and I wonder if anyone has a clue what I can do about
it? ("Don't press that key" is an answer I've already thought of.)

The FN key on my Thinkpad A21M does not, as I mentioned, activate an
embedded numeric keypad. It does do some other things (at least in a
non-Linux OS). In Linux, however, all it seems to do is stick a
message like
Keyboard: Unknown scan code 0e 63

It's something like that, but obviously i'm not typing this on that

I tried running showkey, but it did the same thing with that
particular key.

Anyone have any ideas about this particular key and how I can make use
of it (or at least get rid of the error message)?
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