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here here!
I couldn't agree more.
Just because it's free software doesn't mean it's "FREE" as in no money, 
it simply means that anyone can change it and redistribute it as is
their want. providing of course thsy abide by the conditions of the gpl
or in the case of howtows the lpd.
I would gladly pay some $ for a screen reader that would work on the
x-windows environment and before speakup I would've gladly paid some $
for a good screen review package.
I never played with linux for a variety of reasons. the first of which
is that I didn't know it existed until a few years ago and even then I
wasn't aware of the existance of speakup..
those are my thoughts I welcome anyone elses. <grin>
On Sun, 11 Nov 2001,
Carmickle wrote:

> On Sat, 10 Nov 2001, Thomas Ward wrote:
> > That's why I think all of us want to use Linux. If it is free that means
> > more money to spend else-where.
> No! No! No!  Your missing the point completely!  It's not about the
> $$$.  It's about freedom!  The freedom to know what your computer is
> doing.  The freedom to change software to make it do what you want it
> to.  The freedom to allow others to have that same freedom that you
> do.  And yes if you want to charge for it you can.  I would pay and have
> payed big $$$ to have people write freesoftware.  I would rather put food
> on the table of someone who will contribute lots of code to
> freesoftware.  They need to eat too.
> > This free software thinking will eventually bring down the major
> > corperations in the long run, because they won't be able to hang on to all
> > the customers. However, it will be in favor of the lower classes, because
> > those like Microsoft have kept technology at arms length from those who
> > couldn't afford it, and sold it to companies and anyone who would shell out
> > the cash.
> Maybe so.  But this isn't why I like freesoftware.

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