Backing up entire system with tar

Jason unleet at
Mon Nov 12 03:26:34 EST 2001

tar can also take a device or NFS share as its destination, I don't remember 
the exact syntax so check the docs (or if I have some time I'll do it later 
and post what I find).

On Monday November 12, 2001 12:43 am, you wrote:
> Here is how it works.
> Tar is smart enough to not add an archive to itself. This will work:
> tar cvpf /tmp/foo.tar /
> If you want the tar under /mnt then do something like this:
> mount /dev/hdxx /mnt
> cd /mnt
> tar cvplf backup.tar /
> or
> tar czvplf mnt.tar /
> c means create. v be verbose. p save/restore permitions. l stay in local
> filesystem i.e. do not cross mountpoints f write archive to a file not
> magnetic tape. z pipe the archive through gzip
> Hope this helps.

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