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Yup. That is exactly it. However, I'd say Linux and Gnome 2.0 is on third
base. It's about to make a home run, and Microsoft, Freedom Scientific, and
all the other access companies don't know it yet.
I've been trying for a couple of years to get them to make a Linux screen
reader, and all FS did was snear at Linux, and say no blind customers would
want it. Well, Gnome 2.0 just might change there minds, and by then they
will be loosing more money than they can hold onto.

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> Copernicus, wasn't that the guy who discovered that our world went around
> the sun, and not the other way around? So, by spinning a product name off
> his name, aren't they sort of saying that it's time to get clear about
> who's on first, and what's on second?? <grin>
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