A Windows Haiku For You

Shaun Oliver shauno at goanna.net.au
Sat Nov 10 07:07:24 EST 2001

I love it.
it's a real perler.
now to the person that was complaining about us trashing windows?
I still have windows on this machine even though I'm at this very moment 
using linux slackware.
if you really want to complain to someone, give bill a call and tell him 
to get rid of that damned con/con exploit.
oh you don't know that one? it's a little perler too. it causes a page
fault in windows. thus you end up with that infamous blue screen.
it's a dos device bug as far as I can remember. but janina is also
even if that lieele poem was meant in fun. windows is very much like
On Fri, 9
Nov 2001, Janina Sajka wrote:

> Windows NT crashed.
> I am the Blue Screen of Death.
> No one hears your screams.
> Yesterday it worked.
> Today it is not working.
> Windows is like that.

Shaun Oliver.

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to discuss it with our staff."
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