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Well Greg, I presume that you are using eth1 for your local network.  I
have netconfig with On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Gregory Nowak wrote:
have netconfig with Redhat 7.1, but I use it so rarely that I don't
remember any of the commands.  Why don't you use the ifconfig and route
commands instead.  Say for example you want to assign an ip address of to eth1.  Then the following commands should work:
ifconfig eth1 netmask up
route add -net netmask eth1
Now, if you were going to use eth11 as your card that was connected to the
Internet you would need to know what your gateway ip was.  If it were say you would use the line:
route add default gw eth1
Of course you'd use 24. ip addresses in the first two lines rather than
10. lines.  I've gotten so used to this process that I can configure a
card in just a few seconds.

     Jim Wantz WB0TFK
 > Hi all, >
> I didn't see a man or info page for netconfig under slackware, so I thought I'd ask.
> Is it possible to use netconfig to configure eth1 instead of eth0 which I've already configured? Thanks.
> Greg
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