keyboard dilemmas

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Wed Nov 7 21:06:09 EST 2001

When I use speakup, it has its own keymap and that isn't a problem.
However, I have been loaned a braillelite and am using that more than
speakup; I also use emacspeak at times. My problem is that none of the
keymaps I have loaded seems to be quite right. As far as I know I have a
standard us qwerty keyboard; would be 100 or 101 keys, depending on
whether or not you are supposed to count the space bar. On my system, I've
tried the us international iso8859-1, whatever keyboard the kernel
installed, the plain qwerty us keyboard, the us-latin and whatever default
keymaps were in /etc (some of these are of course duplicates). I either
get a keypad where the right alt doesn't work, so that i have to do left
alt plus F-1 to change consoles; this keyboard also doesn't respond to
singlekey with lilo; I have to hit enter in addition. But the numeric
keypad works. My other choice seems to be a keyboard where the right alt
work, singlekey is functioning, but the numeric keypad doesn't work. How
do I go about finding a qwerty keymap that works; I really can't imagine
that I would have to define my own keymap for this keyboard but something
certainly isn't right. there

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