errors compiling 2.4.14

Adam Myrow myrow at
Tue Nov 6 19:43:54 EST 2001

Did you attempt to build support for the "loop device" in the kernel?
This is the devices like /dev/loop0 where you can mount a disk image as if
it were a physical disk.  Looks like they screwed up this code with
2.4.14.  I tell you, the Linux kernels seem especially cranky in the 2.4.X
series.  I don't ever recall the developers completely breaking stuff with
updates.  Anyway, I compiled the loop support as a module, and end up
getting unresolved symbols when trying to install it.  I hope they can get
a 2.4.X kernel out the door without messed up code.  Of course, I don't
see how they get *any* kernels out the door anymore given their size and
the huge number of maintainers!

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