Setting punctuation.

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Yea, I know what you mean. I got caught in that little trap when I put out
my speakup configurator program. I have a speakout hanging on it and it
works great with it:) but it missed the mark with other synths. So I have to
store parameter ranges and valid values for each synthesizer as they come
along. BTW, I am still working on it but it is coming along a bit slowly.
When I get near ready for testing, I'll have to depend on youall to try it
out with the synths that it supports at that time since I don't own those
other boxes.

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Hi, I've got it now. thanks.I didn't realize /proc/speakup was synth
specific.It was simplar than I thought.
I've now got it working.

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> Hi
>   The dectalk express rates range from 75-650, so 7 is not valid for the
express. Each rate is an approximation of the number of words per minute the
synth will speak. The punc_level ranges from 0-3. 0: none, 1: some, 2: most,
3: all. Do not edit the /proc/speakup/punc_all file, as it instructs speakup
to speak all punctuation i.e. all punctuation marks are listed in that file.
As far as I know you can't change that one anyway. The only changeable ones
are punc_some and punc_most.
> On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 02:08:02PM -0500, Thomas Ward wrote:
> > Oh, sorry. I am using a Dectalk Express on my desktop, and am in the
> > of seeing if I can get another synth for my laptop.
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