Setting punctuation.

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Tue Nov 6 12:04:23 EST 2001

I'm surprised the rate thing didn't work for you but for punct_level, try 3.
For me, 3 set punct_level to "all" and I get all punctuation marks spoken. I
use a speakout with Speakup 1.00.

I think punct_all would currently contain all the characters to be include -
not positive though. What kind of synthesizer are you using? That might make
a difference on what to pass to the rate / pitch / volume parameters.

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Hi, list. I tried doing the following with absolutely no success.
echo 9 >/proc/speakup/punc_level
echo 9 >/proc/speakup/punc_all
I have even tried the rate settings by doing something like:
echo 7 >/proc/speakup/rate
Thus far nothing is working. Speakup won't set to whatever I do. Any 
suggestions? How in heck does one get Speakup set and change voice 

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