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Fri Nov 2 16:21:23 EST 2001

I think you may be pleased to know that NISO has submitted the draft 
standard on Digital Talking Books to its membership for voting. Seems very 
likely this will be a formal, approved standard by Christmas. So, is it 
too early to say Merry Christmas to all of you? Probably, but just. I 
suppose we really should wait for the votes to come in first.

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From: Michael M Moodie <mmoo at>

Hi All --
Here's the announcement NISO sent out to its voting members yesterday. 
The site ( offers the draft standard in our HTML version as
well as PDF.  They've also added a neat feature that collects comments
and creates a database of them.  NISO just completed this new website,
so don't be surprised to see something quirky occasionally.

Attached is the cover memo that provides background to potential
voters.  Although I tried, I'm afraid I failed to adequately describe
the high volume and quality of work you all put in to create the draft
standard.  Well done!

Kind Regards,

The proposed national standard for the Digital Talking Book
(Z39.86-200x) is out for ballot and review November 1-December 17,

All NISO members are invited to review and VOTE on this proposed new 
NISO standard. The deadline for ballot is December 17, 2002.  

This new standard enables a powerful and flexible reading system that
will make electronic resources accessible to millions of
print-disabled readers worldwide. Enabling the efficient presentation
of information through a variety of alternative media, this new
standard will make it easier for all readers to navigate the digital
world.  The attached memo from the committee chair, Michael Moodie, 
provides additional important information on the history and 
high-points of the Standard.

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