ps conversion tools?

Jason unleet at
Fri Nov 2 03:50:45 EST 2001

> Umm, no, I didn't forget. Yes it needs the x stuff, I think, but it
> works as a command line tool. you just type pdftotext filename and you
> get a text file. Believe me, I'm  no more capable of using x than you
> are. I don't actually know where to get it from, but  it is a debian
> package.
> I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear earlier.

well, for one, keep in mind most of my comments are intended to be at least a 
little bit funny.

and actually in my case, I joined this list to find accessibility-conversion 
projects to join (I'm an OK programmer, BTW), and actually I'd like to do 
similar work for a living when I'm done with school.

after joining I found out that I can at least answer some of the questions 

my interest in blind-accessiblity issues actually has an interesting (short) 
story attached to it, but it's not appropriate for this list, but it includes 
an idea I have for accessibility-enhancing DVD-Videos, here's a hint: 
mandated DVS won't be very useful without a way to find the menu item that 
turns it on ;-)

anyway, I'm way offtopic, so I'll end here.

btw: is there a program like gAIM or everybuddy that runs on a standard 
console yet? If not I'd love to hack one together :-)

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