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Mon Apr 10 23:10:49 EDT 2000

In case you haven't received a comment on where to get parts. Their are 
many sites to order parts from. A good place to start is or some of your local stores may also have parts. i agree with you 
that its better to build your own system. Its cheaper and more satisfying 
to know exactly what's in the machine.
At 07:05 AM 12/8/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Thanks to all who have responded with answers, questions etc.
>This is a tower model.  I got a NIC card with it but still have the modem
>since I need it to dial in to work but probably won't use it for Linux
>unless the NIC card can't be gotten to work.  I use a sound blaster live
>sound card because that is the one they sold with multi-channel sound.
>I would have preferred to build my own machine for Linux and that still
>might not be a bad idea but I don't know where to begin to get the
>I think for now I will persue a dual track and see which approach I can get
>to work first.  There is something very appealing about having a dedicated
>machine for Linux and it shouldn't be that expensive.
>Thanks again to all who have responded to this message.
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