redhat and speakup

Richard Watson rick at
Fri Apr 28 16:21:37 EDT 2000

Greetings one and all:

My name is rick watson and I am new to the list. I just found out 
about speakup. Looks quite cool!! I am a systems admin for my 
company. We have linux and sco. Well, I do my administration 
through telnet, and when I work on the console, I get someone to 
read the stuff!!

Well, I would like to play with speakup. Does anyone have a redhat 
boot image with speakup installed. I would like it with the accent 
I could play around building a new kernel, but don't have a machine 
to do it on.

Somehow breaking the production machine doesn't seem like a 
good idea!!
Management gets rather upset!!

What I would like to do is boot up the floppy and play, or dare I get 
brave, and even do an install of redhat!!
If anyone can help. Could you also send the message to 
rwatson at

Thanks in advance for any help!!


Rick Watson programmer/analyst
Oglevee LTD.
152 Oglevee Lane
Connellsville, Pa. 15425
tel: (724) 628-8360 ext. 315
fax:  (724) 628-7270
email: rick at

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