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The Tcpip stack your friend uses for DOS, will not work at all, once the
switch from Ipv4 to Ipv6 occurs on the Internet. Therefore its important
find a Tcpip stack for DOS that will be supported in the near future.
you want to ask your friend what his application is, or what DOS broswer
will use. This is important because it seems that most DOS Tcpip stacks
programmed with hooks to integrate a specific DOS application/browser or
vice versa. If you know a Tcpip programmer your in good shape otherwise
will have rely on a commercial Tcpip stack that costs money and may only
with that vendors specific applications. The main issue is getting your 
application or browser working with a Tcpip stack under DOS.

Some commercial sources are: "DrDos", "Web boy" or "webboy" that most
engines should be able to pull up via these keywords. Another source may
"FreeDos", "OpenDos" or some "Embedded Dos" products.

Greg Keto

Count Zero wrote:
> Hey all,
> I apologize for this somewhat off-topic question, but I figure since many
> of you are networking different machines, you might know the answer to this
> question.  A friend of mine is trying to find a dos tcpip program.  He has
> the ones released by microsoft, however these do not seem to work very well
> for him for some reason.  If anyone here has had good experience with
> another set of programs and can let me know where to get them, I would
> greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks much in advance for any help.
> Tom Mary Beth and the menagerie
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