to kirk; drivers

saqib at saqib at
Thu Apr 27 09:20:54 EDT 2000

hi kirk,
could i please take the liberty to ask you a favour? i have no kernel 
compiling experience and no speech; i don't fancy compiling a 
kernel without speech or anyone who knows what they are doing! I 
am currently using slackware 7.0, could you please just send me 
the generic kernel (i installed using base.i), for slackware 7 and the 
apollo 2. i also have an apollo 1 if you want me to test this at a 
later date. also, when will the site and archive be updated to reflect 
the new drivers? will the version number go up from 0.08 as a result 
of the new bns and apollo drivers? sorry, i know little about the 
speakup project and need to do some learning, so if you lot could 
help me along the way i would be greatful.
regards, saqib shaikh

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