speakup reflector

Jim Wantz jwantz at hpcc2.hpcc.noaa.gov
Mon Apr 24 15:53:11 EDT 2000

Hi guys,
Well as you can probably tell, I'm a relatively newbie when it comes to
Linux (wry grin).  Maybe all of my problems will magically disappear when
I install Redhat 6.2.  Bill, Gene, Kirk of the north and a couple of
others are the real experts.  By the way, if anybody is interested in a
really high level scripting language that allows you to do a lot of really
cool stuff try either http://www.rebol.com or http://www.rebol.org.  The
Windows version is definitely accessible, but I haven't tried the Linux
version yet.  Compared to perl this stuff is really simple!

    Jim WB0TFK

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