Alsa-utils configure problem

Christopher Moore w1gm at
Mon Apr 24 07:38:19 EDT 2000

Thanks for the help.  I got the utils to build by adding -lncurses to the
make file in the alsamixer subdirectory.  

73, Chris w1gm at
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On 21 Apr 2000, Kirk Reiser wrote:

> Hi Chris:  The program ldd allows you to see all the shared libraries
> a program/objec uses.  The program nm shows you all of the symbols
> within a program/object.  I know that there is a manpage covering
> initscr and a number of other functions commonly used in ncurses.
> Manpages are always packaged with there respective program/libraries
> so if there is no manpage for initscr then the library you want is not
> installed.
> Compile time libraries get staticly linked into an object, runtime are
> usually shared libraries which get called by the program while it is
> running.
> Good Luck.
>   Kirk
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