missing 'special devices'

Charles Hallenbeck chuckh at mhonline.net
Wed Apr 19 17:53:50 EDT 2000

Joseph and Kirk -

Many thanks! The ./MAKEDEV shortcut did the trick. I see now what happened
before. The actual devices are /dev/sbpcd0 to /dev/sbpcd3, and /dev/sbpcd
was a soft link to the "0" device. I created another soft link from
/dev/cdrom to /dev/sbpcd, and the application complained about too many
soft links - I guess it meant I had a link pointing to a link. So I
cleverly used the "rm" command incorrectly, and lost not only /dev/cdrom,
but /dev/sbpcd and /dev/sbpcd0 as well. They are all restored now and
everything is working once more.


BTW - the "ls -l" command seems to show the major and minor device
numbers. I had not noticed that before.

Many thanks - Chuck.

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