missing 'special devices'

Charles Hallenbeck chuckh at mhonline.net
Wed Apr 19 08:47:12 EDT 2000

Hi gang -

I could sure use some advice right about now on my Slackware system. I am
not sure how it happened, but I seem to have lost some soft links and
special device names under /dev related to my cdrom drive, which is a
Sound Blaster Panasonic proprietary device. The devices I should have are:  
/dev/sbpcd0, /dev/sbpcd1, /dev/sbpcd2, /dev/sbpcd3, and either another
device or a soft link, I am not sure which, called /dev/sbpcd I was trying
to create a softlink between /dev/sbpcd and /dev/cdrom and somehow I ended
up losing /dev/cdrom, /dev/sbpcd, and /dev/sbpcd0 entirely!

Before this happened, I was able to mount /dev/sbpcd onto /cdrom but now
of course I cannot do that - missing 'special device' sbpcd. I was also
earlier able to run an audio cd player which required /dev/cdrom, but of
course that is also kaput.

What I tried was to recompile and reinstall my kernel, hoping rthat
so;mewhere amongst those arcane scripts there might be something that
created the necessary device references, but it did not change the
picture. Anybody know how I can recover those missing special devices,
/dev/sbpcd0 and /dev/sbpcd, so that I can once again create my soft link
to /dev/cdrom?

Thanks - this really makes me feel stupid, when something which has been
working fine gets broken because I looked at it cross eyed!


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