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Tue Apr 18 09:31:06 EDT 2000

As for the PDA that was being talked about, I am working on the software
to do braille translation on the fly. Such a project will reveal how
truely complicated braille is if that hadn't been clear before. Once that
is to a point it is workable I will be looking at the hardware for the
project again. Right now many new chips are comming out and the landscape
in two months will be different then currently.

Of course the software landscape is changing as well. Though I don't know
if it will work, Minux is now available for use without license
problems. That would reduce the minimum hardware, but introduces a need
for a screen reader. I have no idea about how portible Speakup would be to
that platform. So it is still arround. Do you want to lend some
programming help?

Kirk Wood
Cpt.Kirk at

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