lilo never forget

scott howell n3byy at
Sat Apr 15 09:48:52 EDT 2000

Well to make this really short. I couldn't get my AMD Atholon K7 on a FIC
SD11 motherboard to see beyond 64Mb of ram regardless what I did. Append
lines etc. no luck.
So, returned the board and cpu and went with an Intel 550, well ok a dual
550 on a MSI board, still no luck. Oh, I digress, but the price on the
intell setup was just to good to pass.
In any case, after a friend stopped by who is not only a really good Linux
hack, a Unix hack as well. We tried everything and finally he asked if we
had run lilo after recompiling the kernel and making changes to lilo.conf.
Well we did and needless to say my box now recognizes all the ram. So, of
course I got one more Atholon 500 sitting here that was going to be a
Winblows box, but of course hwo to see if Linux will run happily on it.
Well there's a story to put into the books.

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