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This is excellent. But how do we generalize this? What is the correct
syntax to set up our bash (or whatever) environment to automatically
append a '; $sound_command' to whatever command we might type?

I know we can easily customize with aliases. Is that the best solution? It
might be, because that way we could assign a particular sound for a
particular command.

Hmmm. And shouldn't we be able to somehow indicate the console involved
with a variable?

Were I come from, we call these kinds of sounds earcons, by the bye.
On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, Victor Tsaran wrote:

> Hello, listers!
> Some of you have asked previously whether it is possible to have some sort
> of beep after certain command exits or certain task terminates. Yesterday I
> was playing around with Linux with another friend of mine, Luke Davis, who
> is yet another Linux user from Philadelphia. Accidentally, we recalled that
> Unix allows one to specify several commands on a single command line by
> dividing these commands with a semicolon. So, for instance, to run pine
> after your lynx exits you could enter:
> lynx; pine <ENTER>
> The Pine would fire up as soon as you quit Lynx. that opens a lot of
> interesting possibilities for providing temporary sound solutions to
> indicate termination of a background task or any other event. You could
> either run `play' command with your beloved .wav file on the command line or
> you could create a very short script called beep and exploit it.
> Say, we have a file called beep_when_you_re_done.wav and you'd like to know
> when your kernel finishes compiling. You might enter:
> make bzImage output.txt 2>&1 &; play beep_when_you_re_done.wav
> Now you can safely switch to another console and do other things. When "make
> bzImage" is finished, it will play the file.
> Hope this can help someone.
> Regards,
> Victor
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