Sound on command exit

Victor Tsaran vtsaran at
Sat Apr 15 02:50:39 EDT 2000

Hello, listers!
Some of you have asked previously whether it is possible to have some sort
of beep after certain command exits or certain task terminates. Yesterday I
was playing around with Linux with another friend of mine, Luke Davis, who
is yet another Linux user from Philadelphia. Accidentally, we recalled that
Unix allows one to specify several commands on a single command line by
dividing these commands with a semicolon. So, for instance, to run pine
after your lynx exits you could enter:

lynx; pine <ENTER>

The Pine would fire up as soon as you quit Lynx. that opens a lot of
interesting possibilities for providing temporary sound solutions to
indicate termination of a background task or any other event. You could
either run `play' command with your beloved .wav file on the command line or
you could create a very short script called beep and exploit it.
Say, we have a file called beep_when_you_re_done.wav and you'd like to know
when your kernel finishes compiling. You might enter:

make bzImage output.txt 2>&1 &; play beep_when_you_re_done.wav

Now you can safely switch to another console and do other things. When "make
bzImage" is finished, it will play the file.

Hope this can help someone.

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