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If Debian kernels or kernels are pannicing during the install phase my first
bet is bad ram. If the ram is under waranty replace it or if you want to be
sure then ram test the box with memtest86 2.x and have something on com1 so you
can control the memtest and read the screen. memtest86 the newer versions
(see freshmeat binaries writable to disk are available) dumps to the serial port
at 9600,n,8,1 (cool eh?)

If that isn't the case, it might be a bad board I've seen that too. 99.999%
of the time it isn't linux's fault that hardware falls over Linux does drive
things to their maximum capacity. If you drive a bomb arround the grand prix
track the tires might fall off. I'm not saying your computer is a bomb; it might
be that one part is letting the system down. Perhapse Windows blue screened
on the box every now and again but how often do we hit enter ignore the blue
screen and continue on? When Linux panicks it may be a random thing but should
not be ignored but investigated. Time and time again panicking kernels have shown
me marginal hardware. Thanks Linux <grin>

Regards, Kerry.
On Wed, Apr 12, 2000 at 09:30:05AM -0500, Buddy Brannan wrote:
> <Heh>
> OK, so I'm trying to install Debian on my computer, and well, I think I'd
> finish the install eventually (I've done manual workarounds for things that
> don't quite go by themselves), except for a small problem. ... I keep
> getting these errors and the computer completely locks. At least one time I
> heard a "could not handle kernel paging request" error. ... And I'm not
> really sure why. I thought I might have power management turned on, but I
> don't. Only thing that I can think is wrong is a flaky system. I know, for
> instance, the video card's a POS video card, and I'm going to replace that
> straight away and try again. Also the network card could stand replacement,
> but sometimes I get these errors before any of the network stuff gets
> loaded. Any other ideas what might be causing this problem?
> Particulars:
> K6-2-300 system with 32MB RAM and a 2GB hard drive and Trident 4DWave sound
> card; POS AGP video card, and POS NE2000 ISA ethernet card (on IRQ11 at
> 0x300).
> BTW, there's no particular time that these errors happen, just kinda
> whenever. ... 
> Once I get that tackled, I'll try to get lilo to boot successfully off the
> hard drive. ...
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