.pinerc features (fwd)

Mike Gorse mgorse at WPI.EDU
Thu Apr 13 18:14:40 EDT 2000

I know that this is blatantly off-topic, but I thought it might interest
some of you since we had a thread going a while ago about pine.  At least
some of these features may be configurable from the setup menu, though.

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Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 16:13:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: David Holl <smyrph at ece.WPI.EDU>
To: Michael P. Gorse <mgorse at ece.WPI.EDU>, Aaron Longfield <aaronl at ece.WPI.EDU>
Subject: .pinerc features

Adding "allow-changing-from" to the feature-list lets you change the From:
line through pressing Ctrl-R for rich headers:

Sample of my current role to change my from line when replying to labs
mail: (be sure to CC or Bcc labs at ece though!)
	patterns=LIT:pattern="/NICK=ECE Labs/PARTIC=labs at ece.wpi.edu/FLDTYPE=EMAIL" action="/ROLE=1/FROM=Your Name <labs at ece.wpi.edu>/RTYPE=NC/FTYPE=NC/CTYPE=NO"

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