Fun With Lilo

Buddy Brannan davros at
Thu Apr 13 12:22:20 EDT 2000

Hey y'all,

OK, so last night, I replaced the POS video card with a slightly less POS
video card. (The first POS video card was AGP, this one's PCI and temporary
until I can get a better AGP one and free up that PCI slot.) Anyway,
believe it or don't, I got through the whole Debian install without a
lockup or a crash or anything. It's all installed. I can't find pine, elm,
pico, and some other things...they didn't seem to install...but once I
learn to use apt-get I expect I can get them. But the more pressing issue

I took a working lilo.conf off my working PC and deleted the entries for
partitions I didn't have on the new one and set up to boot off the MBR with
the root file system as /dev/hda1

I made a symbolic link from /boot/vmlinuz (which links to
/boot/vmlinuz-2.2.14) to /vmlinuz so that lilo can find the image.

After configuring lilo, I ran lilo, which said that it installed the Linux
partition and wrote the MBR. So I rebooted the computer without the rescue
floppy, and...lilo made a sound that sounded like I'd been shot by a video
game from the 1980's. And of course it  didn't boot. Any ideas what the
sound meant--and what I can do to fix it?

Buddy Brannan, KB5ELV
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