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Wed Apr 12 22:01:42 EDT 2000

Here is my take on the issue (for what it is worth). Active Accessibility
should be a real part of the OS. It should not be a patched version and
there should not be a special update (except perhaps that if it is updated
it could be offered until such time as the next core update comes out).
Basically, if one has the latest updates to the system, they should have
the latest updates for this.

But to do this would take far more then the small staff they have
"dedicated" to the task. Instead it would take sitting down and figuring
out how things work and planning accordingly. I am not a believer. I don't
believe that there will be a single core for "home" and "business." The
end of the seperate lines for 95 and NT is always pushed back. That is
because neither can be modified easily for the intended use. A full
install of linux OS and X windows is less then half the number of lines of
code that Win2000 has.

I don't think that the M$ solution will ever be anything else then a
catch-up for those looking to make it accessible. The only way that would
change is for the blind people to create the powerful force that the deaf
people have. Even then, I just don't know. Weasle Bill would probably talk
about how they couldn't innovate (attempt to turn other people's ideas
into their private proprietary standard).

Kirk Wood
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