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Gene Collins collins at
Wed Apr 12 14:50:33 EDT 2000

That's interesting.  Are you getting more or fewer errors with the
custom kernel?  Or have you noticed any difference at all?  Probably the
easiest way to find out which hard disk you have is to boot a dos disk
with msd.exe on it.  On the other hand, when you look at the output from
dmesg, you can tell what kind of hard disk you have.  As a matter of
fact, why don't you save the dmesg output in a file and send it to me. 
Maybe I can tell by looking at it if there's something I've left out of
the kernel.


>No, nothing connected to the parallel port. Actually, the only thing
>connected at all is the Accent. Not sure what chip set I have...and I'm not
>sure what the easiest way to find out would be. I actually tried to make a
>kernel, copied it onto the rescue floppy, rdev'ed it to /dev/fd0
>rdev linux /dev/fd0
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