Off topic: Interesting press release

Wed Apr 12 13:02:08 EDT 2000

They probably try to hide the take over or buy out because they want the
customer base to feel as though they will receive the same level of
attention and quality, as well as make the employees feel secure about the
What they should really be saying to the customers is, "we will be putting
out our products quicker, with less testing, made of cheaper components, at
a higher price, and with less input from you the consumer."  They should
also be telling the employees, "the corporate ax man comith, but please
don't pilfer or break anything while you await your turn at the chopping

an eternal cynic

At 09:57 AM 4/12/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Obviously it is a merger. All things are now mergers. To me it sounds more
>like a sell out. Someone now has cash for his home, or retirement. Not
>that it is an inherantly bad thing, but why do they always seem to try and
>hide what is going on? (I would eventually want to sell a business if I
>had one too.)
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