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Buddy Brannan davros at
Wed Apr 12 10:30:05 EDT 2000


OK, so I'm trying to install Debian on my computer, and well, I think I'd
finish the install eventually (I've done manual workarounds for things that
don't quite go by themselves), except for a small problem. ... I keep
getting these errors and the computer completely locks. At least one time I
heard a "could not handle kernel paging request" error. ... And I'm not
really sure why. I thought I might have power management turned on, but I
don't. Only thing that I can think is wrong is a flaky system. I know, for
instance, the video card's a POS video card, and I'm going to replace that
straight away and try again. Also the network card could stand replacement,
but sometimes I get these errors before any of the network stuff gets
loaded. Any other ideas what might be causing this problem?


K6-2-300 system with 32MB RAM and a 2GB hard drive and Trident 4DWave sound
card; POS AGP video card, and POS NE2000 ISA ethernet card (on IRQ11 at

BTW, there's no particular time that these errors happen, just kinda
whenever. ... 

Once I get that tackled, I'll try to get lilo to boot successfully off the
hard drive. ...

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