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Sun Apr 9 18:34:04 EDT 2000


One good source for Linux and Unix reference material is
It is a bit hard to maneuver around because it has so many links, but if
you search for key words on the page you can come up with quite a number of
good reference books.  You could also save the page as html and go through
it to find the links at your leisure. One you might want to take a look at
since you are using zipspeak is Slackware Unleashed.

At 03:29 PM 4/9/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I am new to all of this.  I have a tiny bit of knowledge from the days when
>I used a shell account, but that has been awhile.
>I installed zipspeak and got it going with my doubletalk without any
>Where could I go to learn some commands and help get my knowledge up to par?
>Thank you,
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