Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Sun Apr 9 16:46:17 EDT 2000

Hi, to change the punctuation in speakup you use the dumpspk and
loadspk utilities.  Use dumpspk to dump the current setting to a file

dumpspk >filename

Then edit the file.  There are four levels of punctuation punct_level
0 to three.  Level zero no  punctuation level 3 is all punctuation.
Levels 1 and two are user definable.  You will see a couple of lines
one for each punctuation level.  If you don't like what is there by
default you can edit those lines to make them be the punctuation you
want spoken.  If you like what is there, you just select punct_level=1
or 2 or whatever you like.

Then use loadspk <filename to load the punctuation into the kernel.
  You can put the loadspk command in a start up script to have it
  update each time you boot.



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