Fw: invalid block device

Scott Howell n3byy at speakeasy.org
Wed Apr 5 16:29:51 EDT 2000

lets see if this makes it.
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Subject: invalid block device

> Well I can't say what is going on, but perhaps someone will know what has
> happend.<G>
> I can't mount floppies or cdroms. I keep getting for example, /dev/hdd is
> invalid block device.
> I have both floppy support and ide cdrom support compiled as modules. I am
> certain they are loading, but of course will double check to be sure I
> didn't miss something.
> btw, silly question, but could Linux give an improper indication of
> I get upon bootup that I only have 64mb of ram when there is 128mb ram in
> the box.
> I am sure this is some bios configuration problem that I havent' been able
> to track down, but just want to cover all bases.
> oh, its an ami bios if that makes any difference. Motherboard is new, like
> week or so old.
> tnx

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