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Kerry Hoath kerry at gotss.eu.org
Tue Apr 4 21:58:11 EDT 2000

Mail locking works like this:
You flock the file. You also create a mailboxname.lock file with the pid of
the mail process id in it. When mutt manipulates my mailbox it
creates kerry.lock with the mutt pid in it and removes it when done. If
fuser /var/spool/mail/kirk shows nothing; try removing kirk.lock out of
/var/spool/mail. Remember Linux keeps a file around whilst it is open, open
files are not deleted until they are closed so if a process has the mailbox
open that process will see the old contents until it closes it.

Regards, Kerry.
On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 12:39:31PM -0500, cpt.kirk at 1tree.net wrote:
> Well, the problem isn't a true file locking problem. I changed the name of
> the mailbox file and touched to make a new one. But Pine still thinks my
> mailbox is locked by another process. I don't know.
> Kirk Wood
> Cpt.Kirk at 1tree.net
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