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Count Zero kf6ddt at
Tue Apr 4 18:12:16 EDT 2000

Hi folks,

Well just wanted to drop a short note to let you guys know i've appreciated
the responses i've gotten about the suse distribution, and to answer some
of your questions and comments.  Sorry I don't remember who said what here.
 Someone mentioned that they thought the latest version was very graphical,
and this is very true, especially if you use this new thing they have
called 'yast2' which is an installation/modification tool that you can use
to install the system.  However, the original 'yast' is still available,
and this is a text-based application that works quite well over a serial
connection and would probably work fine with speakup as well, although I am
not sure you can get the initial install to work over a serial console.  I
intend to find that out very soon here.  This is why I was originally
interested in trying to set up a boot floppy with speakup compiled into it.
 This would eliminate the serial problem altogether.  If I find that the
suse installation is absolutely unworkable and decide to switch to
something else, I do have a redhat 6.1 install disk around here that I can
try.  However as I said in an earlier post, I do like the way that suse
works once it is installed, so I'm going to at least try to make an effort
to stick with it if I can.  Before I go any further however, I need to get
some bigger hard drives for the linux boxes.  I'm going to look around for
some cheap one to two gig drives, which I don't think will be too difficult
to find.  The reason I'm going with the relatively small drives is that
these are older machines and I can pretty much guarantee they won't be able
to be configured for these new huge drives, plus it's easier to conserve
space with linux than it is with windows.  

Well, that's about all I have for now.  I'm sure I will have some more
questions as soon as I'm ready to try and start this project.

Best regards,
Tom Mary Beth and the menagerie

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