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Hi Deena, 

I hope you have either a CDR or CDRW burner, because you will need it to
write that ISO9660 image to a CD-ROM.
I'll assume that you have either one or the other, so what you are getting
with that file is Red Hat's main installation disk.  Some mirror sites also
have an ISO of the Docs disk and another of source.  I downloaded and
burned the docs disk and it really wasn't worth the effort.  If it isn't in
the doc directory on the main installation disk and you need something it
is quicker just to jump on the Internet and get rather than download the
docs disk which has a lot of graphic files, etc.  The same goes for the
source disk, since you will probably only be interested in the kernel
source for the near future.

Regarding the installation, after you create the CD you should take a look
at the readme file in the CD's root dir as well as the release notes.
You will also have a doc directory with a sub dir of ref-guide where you
will find index.htm.  You should load this and go down to the tab and read
the portion on text installs at a minimum.  The /doc/install-guide is for
the graphical install and you'll probably find the text install more
The CD you will create is a bootible CD if your system supports this.  If
not you will need to create a boot floppy.  To do this you will find the
rawrite utility in the /dosUtils subdir and 3 different boot .img files in
the images subdir.  These are described in the docs and I believe in the
readme file, but the one you will probably be interested in is the boot.img
I'll leave off here so you can catch up to this point.

At 01:07 PM 4/4/00 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi Dave,
>Thanks for the help.  I am currently downloading Redhat 6.2 from a site here
>in South Africa.  Now, What do I do with the iso file I download.
>This file is the redhat-6.2-i386.iso file which is 647.76 Mb.
>Is this the full CD version?  Remember you are dealing with some one that
>has not even seen Linux as of this writing.  I also found Redhat manuals in
>.pdf format on the redhat site so, if any one would like them I will gladly
>forward them.  I have already converted them into ascii.
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>> Hi Deenadayalan ,
>> As far as which is the best that is just a matter of opinion.
>> I like Red Hat and have been taking a look at Slackware.  For what you
>> intend to use it for, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Red Hat.
>> You can get more information at
>> You should go to their download page, and find the page related to mirror
>> sights so you can find a faster connection.  If you have the hardware to
>> write CDs, it is easiest to download the iso images.
>> One nice feature of Red Hat 6.2 is the improved serial console
>> installation.  Using another computer and a null modem, you can install
>> Red
>> Hat with speech without a problem.  To do this you would boot from the
>> floppy on your future Linux system, and at the boot prompt type:
>> linux console=ttyS1
>> for your second serial port or ttyS0 for your 1st.
>> Now you can switch to your talking DOS or Windows system and use a
>> terminal
>> program to finish the installation.  They have made some major
>> improvements
>> with the serial console feature in the 6.2 release.
>> As far as sources of information, there are a great many out there, many
>> are dated, but in dealing with computers isn't that the norm?  Try
>> and do a key word search on the page for
>> linux and unix.  This is a great sight for reference material with a
>> tremendous wealth of information on all sorts of topics.  Unfortunately,
>> the links are all on the same page so searches are necessary and you may
>> sometimes miss something of interest.  I believe the author tries to keep
>> like content together on the page whenever possible, so after you get your
>> first match go up and down from there for a bit to check out what is
>> nearby.
>> Good luck,
>> Dave
>> At 03:06 PM 4/3/00 +0200, you wrote:
>> >Hi Listers,
>> >
>> >I am new to the list and would like to introduce myself. 
>> >
>> >My name is Deenadayalan Moodley and I live in South Africa.  I am a
>> >programmer for the South African government.  We, here at work are now
>> >introducing Linux.  It is my job to setup the Linux server.  The problem
>> is
>> >I am totally blind and use speech and have no prior experience of Linux.
>> >
>> >My knowledge extends to MSDOS Windows 9x /nt.  Therefore, I would like to
>> >ask for help to be able to setup this server and become proficient in
>> Linux.
>> >We certainly don't have any one in this department that even saw how
>> Linux
>> >operates so that avenue is closed.
>> >
>> >So, my first question is:
>> >1.  Which is the best distribution of Linux to use with speech?
>> >2.  Where can it be obtained?
>> >3.  How do I use speech to access a Linux box to do the installation and
>> >configuration?
>> >4.  Where can I find a good tutorial in text form to assist me in my
>> >endeavors?
>> >
>> >Thanks for any help.
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