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Mon Apr 3 23:44:36 EDT 2000

Thanks for the encouragement.
This is my plan, but I have to learn a few things first:
1.  How do I tell the kernel that I have a 3com 3c905b 10/100mb ethernet
2.  I know that alsa will give me the sound support I need and I know that
my sound card is supported, but I don't know if I have all the pieces I need
to get it up and running.
3.  There is a minor issue of Video, but for the moment, linux seems not to
care what my video card is.  I suppose it would be different if I was doing
graphics (not likely unless I think about running x-windows).
4.  How do I get the internet configured, and how do I start receiving
email?  It looks like there are many docs I need to read before I get
started, but I am somewhat impatient and want to start experimenting.
5.  I have no kernel compilation experience.  I downloaded what I think is a
kernel source from, but I'm afraid this is a new one for me - I
don't have a clue what I am looking at.  Do you know of a good kernel
compilation document?
6.  Where is a good place to find applications.  I downloaded mp123 (?) from
a site that I can't remember now.  Someone mentioned cdcd, where do I find
this?  Anyway, I won't ramble on like this - any help you could give would
be appreciated.
P.S.  I see your .au email address?  Are you from Australia?  What part?

Thanks a bunch!

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Hi Ron:

If I were you, I'd recompile the kernel to get your hardware
supported.  Since you are a hardware expert, this shouldn't present any
major difficulties.  Grab a kernel source from the kernel 2.2 tree at, get the patch from and go for it.


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