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Ron Kassen rvkassen at
Sun Apr 2 21:34:03 EDT 2000

I am far from there, but I will let you know if I am interested.  Thanks to
everyone for the notes.  They are useful.


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Hi Ron,

     I might be able to help with one of your questions.  Does outlook
Distress support connecting to an IMAP server.  If so, you could copy all
of your mail folders using Outlook to a directory on the IMAP server, and
copy them back to the Linux side using IMAP.  I know that pine supports
IMAP.  I imagine that there are other mail clients for Linux that do.

     I have a machine on the network which was put there for the express
purpose of having Speakup users and other friends play with it.  There's
an IMAP server on that machine.  If you're interested, just tell me what
you'd like your username to be.

          Hope this helps.
          Bill in Denver

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