scott howell n3byy at speakeasy.org
Sun Apr 2 19:31:21 EDT 2000

yeah, you aren't kidding. Well that's what happens when you got way to
many things going on at once. I finally have a working machine. I was up
and down most the wknd with this and that  box acting up.
well they are all happy. Of course that 300 watt power supply is some
kinda noisy. Good thing I didn't get two of those. geez! well bettter to
have 300 with the Atholon chip from what AMD says.
Also, read a really good article on cooling and you know most the 235 watt
atx supplies blow air the wrong way.
now to get the speakup parms saved.

tnx es 73 de Scott/n3byy

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