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Buddy Brannan davros at
Sun Apr 2 11:02:47 EDT 2000

Yeah, bigslack should work with the speakup kernel you got from zipspeak,
unless I am much mistaken.

rc.model: I'm not sure about that file, I haven't seen it. I'm afraid
someone else will have to tackle getting your hardware done. ... Actually,
it may take some doing; you'll probably either have to set up to load the
modules or re-compile your kernel with the network card installed. As for
the sound card, ... Hmm.....yeah, you'll need to put together a new kernel
anyway, as I don't think they have sound support turned on by
default. Matt, do you know for sure? If they do have the sound support,
you can probably use the ALSA drivers, which can be had at Kirk or Gene can probably help with those, as I
don't have the latest version of them on my machine.

BTW, no, compiling a kernel is really not that hard. It looks a lot harder
than it is, but I suspect before you try that you might wanna use the
system a bit. :) 

As for the docs; a tar.gz is a fairly standard beastie in Linux. It's a
tar (a bit anachronistic in most cases I suppose, since tar stands for
tape archive, I think), which has been compressed with gzip. Under linux,
you can do
tar zxvf filename.tar.gz (it's case sensitive, and you have to type the
whole thing.) It will unzip into a bunch of files under a directory. I'm
not sure if you downloaded plain text, html, or something else though, but
I think that Winzip will handle tar.gz files...won't it?

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