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Buddy Brannan davros at
Sun Apr 2 10:24:58 EDT 2000

Hi Ron,

First thing you'll want to do is create a user account. No, scratch
that. The first first thing you should do is change the root password with

After you've done that, *then* create a user account, from which you
should do most things. Doing everything as root is a bad
idea. (I.E. typing rm -rf * at the root directory is bad if you're
root.) You will create the user account with

Slackware's pretty nice in that it will step you through the account
creation, asking all the relevant questions.

Yes! You can do your CD burning, listen to MP3's and wavs, record wavs, do
Email, and surf the Web. (Remember...Linux was really *created* over the
Internet.) I'm not sure what Email program Zipspeak comes with--I'm
running the full Slackware distribution--but I use one called elm, and a
lot of folks use pine, while some swear by mutt. pico is a good basic text
editor. vi is the default in a lot of cases, but it's fairly arcane; if
you find yourself in vi, just type
and you'll get out of that.

Right. I don't know what to tell you about converting from Micro$haft
Lookout!, but you *can* do Email. Some pages don't work in lynx, and
you'll have to compile in SSL support--but you don' have to do that
immediately. Most things, however, work great with lynx, and I actually
prefer it for in-depth reading. About the only thing I use Windows for
these days is the odd OCR job and my online banking program, which runs in
Windows. Absolutely everything else I do in Linux.

I'm certainly not the most experienced person here, there are lots of
those on this list, but I'll certainly be glad to help if I can. Hope this

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