Socrates is a hopefully easy to use front end to libsane and a number of OCR engines. It currently works with GOCR and is being modified to use libgocr.

The socrates user interface is somewhat reminiscent of the old "easyscan" program from Arkenstone. That is there is a simple command line prompt which accepts one or more interactive keystrokes to perform it's operations.

Socrates current status is actively being worked on by Jim Danley and Kirk Reiser. Jim is writing the configuration system and Kirk is writing the interface to libgocr.

The current version of socrates has the module name socrates and can be checked out of cvs by doing:

cvs login
Password: please
cvs co socrates

You must have recent versions of libsane and gocr installed to use socrates.

Project maintainers for socrates are Jim Danley and Kirk Reiser.

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