[raspberry-vi] A bit off topic, Speakup and Debian Stretch-Buster (fwd)

Chime Hart chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Sun Mar 22 18:41:30 EDT 2020

Jumping in for a quick question for Samuel? I always wondered why in each of 
your messages you quote some1, which seems a waste of time if we already heard 
an orriginal comment or question. Maybe as a suggestion, just a short 1liner 
paraphrasing where we are in a thread. Even though I have quoting in pine as lo 
as it goes, I still hear many of the headers, including something which sounds 
like aeigh crit. At least years ago, back on ComPuserve, there was seemingly no 
quoting. At least for some1 listening in a screen-reader, quoting is not such a 
good thing. Thanks in advance.

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