Help needed, TalkingArch

Chuck Hallenbeck chuckhallenbeck at
Sun Oct 27 06:54:39 EDT 2019

Hi all,

I have found myself in need of a TalkingArch installation ISO recently,
and have found the latest release not to work any more.  I tried catching
up on the recent state of things, and found the Arch wiki TalkingArch
page to be very informative, and very discouraging.  I reviewed the
installation guide, noticed a couple of discrepancies from Kyle's audio
tutorial, and modified my procedure accordingly.  At the moment, I get
identical failures on several X86-64 systems, even after replacing the
mirrorlist with a version known to work currently, and asking pacstrap
to fetch an appropriate set of packages.  Pacstrap downloads them,
begins the installation, then fails with a screenful of complaints about
possibly corrupted packages or obsolete package keys.

Inspecting the root directory I was attempting to populate, I see
that all top level directories are empty.  except var, which shows the
expected subdirectory structure, including the 140 or so packages that
had been downloaded.

At present I have a VPS on Linode running ArchLinux, but of course it's
not TalkingArch, and I have Debian Buster in console mode on my desktop.

Anyone know where I can get a TalkingArch Installation ISO that works? or
any other ideas?


Chuck H.


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