ot: slightly, improving how the Links browser speaks?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Fri Nov 29 10:50:01 EST 2019

Hi folks,
Hope to ask this clearly, as it may also apply to speakup, at least for 
those   using  a command line setup.
My goal mirrors the command line options included in some tools that write 
information to the screen in a way that speech happens largely 
For example, some programs call this writing to the BIOS, or used to do as 
My ssh telnet client for example has a -b option that performs the 
function I desire.
I am seeking such a command line option for the links  as in the chain 
browser.  I believe? it should exist because there is a command line 
option that establishes numbered links.
hoping that my question is clear, can anyone tell me what command line 
option improves  how content is spoken when using the links browser?

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