[HELP REQUESTED from the community] Was: Staging status of speakup

Gregory Nowak greg at gregn.net
Fri Jul 12 20:46:23 EDT 2019

On Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 11:23:19AM +0200, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Hello,
> To readers of the linux-speakup: could you help on this so we can get
> Speakup in mainline?  Neither Okash or I completely know what user
> consequences the files in /sys/accessibility/speakup/ have, so could
> people give brief explanations for each file (something like 3-6 lines
> of explanation)?

I have a recollection of documenting most of this on the speakup list
in response to a similar query a number of years ago. Unfortunately,
the speakup mailing list archives aren't easily searchable, and I
don't have a local copy of that mail.

Kirk, doing grep with a few of the file names in
/sys/accessibility/speakup against the list's mbox file archive should
find that message if it's in fact there. If you can please find it,
and post the date when it was sent, we can provide a URL to that
thread as a starting point. If my recollection is wrong, and such a
message isn't in the archives, I'll write up what I know about.


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