unable to compile speakup using kernel 4.14.77

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Mon Oct 29 17:19:52 EDT 2018


I am not sure what you are doing or heading to.

Are you compiling the kernel as a whole or specifically this driver?

In the latter case, why, and what is your workflow?

I mean, could you share the list of commands, or scripts
that you are running?

In any case I can't see a need to build this driver out of tree.



On 22/10/2018 16:01, John Covici wrote:
> Can anyone help with this one?
> On Sat, 20 Oct 2018 03:50:37 -0400,
> John Covici wrote:
>> Hi.  I am having problems compiling speakup using kernel 4.14.77.  In
>> speakup_soft, the system is complaining about a reference to
>> signal_pending on line about 230.  Apparently this function is no
>> longer present, but what do I replace it with or how can I fix?
>> Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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