Apollo II and kernel 4.18.x

Dietmar Segbert didi.segbert at arcor.de
Sun Oct 21 14:56:00 EDT 2018

Hello Samuel,
hello Listers,

yesterday i spent some time, to test again.

The Apollo II works with a usb-to-serial-adapter..

modprobe speakup_apollo dev=ttyUSB0


insmod speakup_apollo dev=ttyUSB0

will do the job.

modinfo speakup_apollo shows:

param: dev:Set ...

Thanks for your help.



> samuel.thibault at ens-lyon.org schrieb am 21.10.18:

> Hello,

> Dietmar Segbert, le mar. 02 oct. 2018 18:21:00 +0000, a ecrit:
>> modprobe speakup-apollo dev:/dev/ttyUSB0

> I don't think this is the way to pass options to modules, it should
> rather be

> insmod speakup-apollo dev=/dev/ttyUSB0

> (note insmod, and '=')

> Could some people handle updating the speakup documentation to properly
> document how to use the dev parameter? (doing insmod by hand is fine for
> testing, but people should rather use a conf file in /etc/modprobe.d/)

> Samuel
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